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Gadar: The Revolution among us

Some Leftist are more Right

Gummadi Vitthal Rao alias Gadar, the poet who sings revolution was in the Pune city for last two days. He is the person who supports the Naxalite movement and still the government wont touches him. Gadar is so popular in naxalite areas of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chattisgarh that whenever he goes for programme there are mob of around one-lack peoples to hear him. He is the person who seems dangerous for the government. Because of his popularity and his fiery thoughts government takes all precaution too avoid the worst situation.

But when one meets Gadar he is the simple person like us. He is so impressive that when you hear his songs and poems for a while you think that whatever he is saying is correct. Just giving simples examples he explains the serious topic like Special Economic Zone, Naxalite Movement, Economic policies and changing future of India etc.

As he is leftist he don’t bother to criticize the Marxist government in West Bengal on the SEZ issue. How can a government forcibly take lands of farmers for the industry for the name of SEZ? If any other government has done this then it is ok. One can understand the situation but how can Marxist government behave like this? WB government is not Marxist in the sense that they are going away from the thought of Carl Marx. One cannot be Marxist just by wearing Red clothes and taking Red flags in hand but there should be red color in your heart also.

SEZ issue will become more explosive in the future as per Gadar. According to him SEZ is the example of Imperialism of America. That’s why the American President George W. Bush was visited small village of Mehaboobnagar. America wants to conquer lands and water resources of India. (Other developing countries also) America is entering in India through SEZ and it will increase day by day. In future not only land but water and electricity will be the things because of which peoples will stand against each other and fight with neighbors.

We are passing through the phase of New Democratic Revolution. Some people may call this as Naxalite Movement. If New Democratic Revolution is Naxalism then I Support that movement. This is the movement against imperialism of America and World Bank. This is the movement against the Cultural and Economic invasion of America. This is the movement of farmers and adivasis against the government policies, Gadar adds.

Gadar says that Khairlanji may have occurred because of land. Upper caste people many not digest the thing that lower caste people owning land and fight starts. In villages land is key factor. In villages there is an unwritten rule that the person who has more land will rule the village. So everyone is eager to acquire more and more land.

To avoid such situation again land reformation is necessary. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was of the thought that every backward person should get reservation and Land Reformation is necessary. But political persons neglect the later thing and only gave reservations to the backward class. But now its perfect time to reform the lands and give some lands to backward class people for farming.

To avoid another Khairlanji Gadar is going to Marathi writers, poets and artists to discuss thing with them. Then discussing things with them he will decide next step. But Gadar wants to go slow but steady.

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Onkar Danke said...

gadar is great as a doubout about that.he is pure leftist also.i respet gadar.but the path which he choose is not good for nation.he favour naxalis.who always belive in voilence.and non democractic(i.e.comunist-maoist mov.)so this people is harmful to our nation.gadar & his followers must express there opinion in indiain democratic system.