Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lackluster Speech of PM


Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh attended a rally in Vadodara but his speech was not only lacking enthusiasm and figures or statistics but PM didn’t show much courage to criticize the Gujarat Chief Minister Naredra Modi.

PM in his 25 minutes long speech and 15 minutes press conference didn’t took name of Mr. Modi and criticize the policies and decisions took by government just without naming the chief of that state ministry. When Media persons asked him about not to criticizing Modi, he denied answering the question and turning to another issue. He also didn’t comment about election commission’s notice to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh. He just said that EC is doing their work and I will not interfere in it.

He also pointed out that the first phase of voting in Gujarat and declaring Lal Krishna Advani as Bhartiya Janata Party’s Candidate for Prime Minister’s post must have some links. BJP’s central leadership is also afraid of Modi and they still think that if Modi wins in Gujarat then he will emerge as big problem for central leadership. That why BJP leaders hurriedly announced the name of Advani as next candidate of Prime Minister.

Manmohan Singh also clarified that the development occurred in the state was with central funds and not with the funds of state government. State government is taking false credit of the development. He also claimed that though Gujarat is development track it lacks inclusiveness. Minorities, Advises, SC, ST and other backward class peoples are not included in this development process. If Congress comes to the power then they will make such a process that peoples from all castes and communities will get their rights.

He didn’t give any figure or statistics of financial aid or funds given to Gujarat by centre. Around two to three thousands congress workers were present at the rally.

No Response…

Thousands of peoples are coming to attain the rally of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Other leaders including leaders of Modi’s own party BJP are not much interested to give speech as there is not much crowd to hear them. In Vadodara only 500 to 600 people were present in BJP chief Rajnath Singh’s rally. Sushama Swaraj was also upset with the less response for her rally in Saurashtra. MP of Gandhinagar and former BJP President Lal Krishna Advani also not dared to take a single rally or come to campaign. This is the tragedy of Gujarat campaign. Here only Modi is the person who is attracting thousands of people.


Anonymous said...

vey well reported, ashish. nice to see ur post from Gujarat. I w'ld like to see some reactions of common public. PM and Sonia are bakwas.


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रामकृष्णा वरील लेख रुचकर आहे. बॉग वर आला नाही ?