Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Should Minorities Get Reservation?

Minorities : Look towards Indian Cricket Team

Reservation has become the one of the controversial issue in the country. After reservation for OBC's in higher education now someone minority organisations have doing demands that minorities should get reservation as they are not yet come up to the level of other majority citizens. Those who are doing such demands there is excellent example of Indian Cricket team.

Recently Indian Cricket squad was declared for South African tour. In this team there are total five Muslim Players. Zahir Khan, Irfan Pathan, Mohammad Kaif, Munaf Patel and Wasim Jaffer are those players that are from minority background get seat in Indian team. But most important thing is that those players are not there just because they are from minority religion. But they are in the team because of their quality performance.

Look towards background of these players, all these players are from poor family. Some of them are from villages and not from big cities. Zahir Khan is from Shrirampur that is in Ahmadnagar District of Maharashtra. He is hardworking and took lot of efforts that’s why he is there in Indian team. Munaf Patel is from Bharuch in Gujarat, which is also not that much big city. Irfan Pathan is from Vadodara but he also from poor family background. Same thing with Mohammad Kaif. He is from Lucknow. Nothing different with Wasim Jaffer. Though he is from India's Cricket Capital that is Mumbai, his father was for service in BEST. (Bombay Electric Supply and Transport). All these players have no cricketing background; this is one more important thing.

Just with hard work and natural talent these players get succeed to get berth in Indian cricket team. But this is not new thing for Indians. Our most successful captain till emergence of Sourav Ganguly was Mohammad Azharuddin. Who is also Muslim. But he took Indian team to new height under his captaincy. Though he caught in match fixing scandal no one can take objection to his contribution to Indian Cricket.

This starts from Mohammad Nissar who represented Indian cricket team in 1932. This year India played first test against England. Right from that the Muslim cricketers played their innings for India. Batsman Mushtaq Ali, Abbas ali beig, Gulam Ahmad, Medium pace bowler Abid Ali, Famous six hitter Salim Durrani, India's one of the best wicket Keeper Farooq Engineer and Syed Kirmani, Off spinner from Hyderabad Arshad Ayub and Wicket Keeper from Bengal Syed Saba Karim are some of the prominent Muslim Players who did remarkable job for India.

Not only that Iftikar Ali Khan Pataudi was the first Muslim Player to Captained the Indian team. He was captain of Indian team before independence. Gulam Ahmad was second minority captain of Indian team. He captained the team in 1948-49. Iftikar Ali's son Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was also becomes the captain of India team. He was the youngest captain of the world that time. After that era of Azharuddin started. He was the most successful captain of India before Sourav Ganguly.

Looking towards the history of Indian cricket team one can claim that there is quota system for players from different states of India. But there is not a single example of cricketer who registered his seat just because he is from minority. This is not the case with cricket only but the hockey and soccer have the same history regarding minorities. This is the case of sports where competition is most. If minorities can do well in sports they can rule the any walk of life if they do devotedly. That’s why there is no need of reservation for minorities.
Every one should think over it and do their best to get good results.



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Nice Artilce, why dont u think to join english journo. Are kaay pacakge aahet re ........ ! tuze enlish dekhil chandra babunchya sangatine zakas zale ahe ! keep it up

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Good efforts man!
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