Friday, November 10, 2006

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Champions Trophy and Pawar Controversy!!!

After all Australian players apologized the Indian Cricket Control Board’s President Sharad Pawar. They have to apologies just because theirs behavior at the presentation of champions trophy on Sunday. This controversy has some points that may not be discussed by Indian Media but someone should think over it.

Mr. Pawar is famous for the thing that, he says one and does another. In his political carrier so many times Indian especially Maharashtrian peoples have experienced this. Habit of Mr. Pawar remains in Sports also. After ceremony of Champions Trophy this thing once again noticed.
When he didn’t get respectful treatment from Australian players his first reaction was that is okay and in game this things are going to happen. Aussies were in the mood of celebration. Aussies have won the Champions Trophy for the first time. Just because of that they want to celebrate that moment. It’s without intension and that’s why Indian media should not prolong this controversy by putting oil in it.

This is the reaction of Mr. Pawar while speaking with Indian Media. Though Pawar was not taking that incident seriously his supporters were angry and they were doing protest all over the India. Obviously with greater intensity in Maharashtra.

But after two days he speaks with Australian Daily Sydney Morning Herald. While speaking with that newspaper Mr. Pawar turned in 180 degrees to take completely different position over that issue. He reacted that, Australian Cricketers are totally uncivilized!!!! If Australians players are uncivilized then how Mr. Pawar didn’t get this idea when Indian Media Persons asked this question to him. Or within those two days Mr. Pawar knew this secret? What is the reason or strategy behind Mr. Pawars 180 degree turn is interesting. He always had done such things. He never does what he speaks and he never speaks whatever is in his mind. That’s the gimmick of Pawar Politics.

Actually Mr. Pawar might have waited for the reactions of Former cricketers and other persons from all corners of India. When he knew that from Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar to CM of Maharashtra Vilsasrao Deshmukh and all the political parties have protested against treatment to Pawar. Considering those reactions he might have reacted strongly against Australian Players while speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr. Pawar is always criticized the Indian Media Persons that they don’t research more and just ask questions with no proper information. Keeping that thing in mind Mr. Pawar may have bypassed the Indian Media Persons and speaked only with Australian Media persons. This is the worst thing in this controversy. Australian players have apologized Mr. Pawar, all the protesters are happy with that and there may not be any controversy after the apology. But the treatment given by Pawar to Indian Media Persons is not only wrong but everyone should think over it. At least Journalists and Media persons should!!!!!

Ashish Chandorkar.

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Unknown said...

Mr Sharad Pawar is again a normal human being as all of us.When that incident happened just imagine ur self in that scenario with lots of pressure and expectations u need to be responsible and bit careful every word u speak infront of media offcourse that answer he gave was political not really reflecting his mind.But that really indicates he did not wanted to get into buerocracy, controvercy.