Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why Mr. Carvalho is angry?

Right issue but wrong time

Indian Hockey players won Asia Cup. Indian Cricket players won Twenty-20 world cup. And few days back Indian soccer players clinched the Nehru Cup. Three different sports, three different tournaments at different venues but common thing is that India is the winner.

Hockey and Soccer tournaments were held in India and Twenty-20 tournament was concluded in South Africa. In Twenty-20 total 12 countries participated. All the giants including Australia, South Africa, Pakistan and New Zealand were there and India won all the matches in tournament except one against NZ in Super Eight. Victory against South Africa, Australia and Pakistan was perfect example of Team Work.

In Asia cup hockey also India won all the seven matches they played. But winning was not the only positive outcome of the tournament. Indians struck 57 goals and accepted just five in tournament. They beat strong teams like South Korea and Japan in Semis.

Though situation was different in Nehru Cup, credit should certainly go to Indians for their victory. Only five teams were participated in it. Syria and Kirgizistan were two teams in tournament which had better performance than India in past. Other two teams, which played, were Bangladesh and Cambodia. In tournament India lost to only Syria in league match but took revenge after winning final against Syria by 1-0.

This is the performance of three different Indian teams, which participated in three different tournaments. After all win is win and nothing is better than success. But still there is controversy after grand reception that was given to Indian Cricket team in Mumbai.

Indian hockey team coach Jockim Carvalho was angry about the Red Carpet treatment given to Indian Cricket team by state Government and Board of Cricket Control of India. First of all we have to accept that though Hockey is National Sports of India Cricket is the only popular sports in India. That’s why people, media and sponsors are behind cricket. Till few years back our Hockey team had no sponsor. After that Castrol Oils came forward and sponsored the team.

Second thing is that if BCCI has welcomed the team and people have turn up to streets in huge numbers to welcome the team then why Mr. Carvalho is upset. It is the fact that Central and State governments are not appreciating victory of sports persons other than cricket. Cricketers are not dependent on government. They are earning lot from sponsors and advertisements. But this is not the thing for other sports. They have to depend a lot on aid by state and central governments.

I recall one incident of Indian archer Chakrovelu. She lives in northeast. She had to wait for more than two years to receive amount of just Two Lac. She fought against red tapism of government. After taking issue in court of central sports minister she got justice but only after two years. This is just an example of how other sports and sports persons are treated in India.

So the point, which Mr. Carvalho has raised, is not wrong but the time, which he selected, is wrong. He should have raised the issue just after Asia Cup victory. Because none can understand the situation of these winners except they raise voice. Unless you raise voice or fight you wont get anything in this country. This is the condition of sports in India.

Hockey players have done extremely well in Asia Cup. Soccer players took tremendous efforts to win Nehru Cup trophy. It is the thing with cricketers also. So government should also treat every sport with same yardstick.

I have heard live interview of Carvalho on Times Now channel. He congratulated Indian team for World Cup victory and said that he was never angry about the grand reception of cricketers. He also asked the various state and Central government to stop giving stepmotherly treatment to sports other than cricket. He never commented that our victory is more prestigious or more meaningful than cricket. He was angry with politicians and not with cricketers and cricket fans. This is the perfect stand by Carvalho. But still question remains that is this the right time to raise this question?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Logging in Infosys

From Slums to Software

Deepak Vitthal Kadam is joining Infosys. So many software engineers are joining Infosys now days therefore what is new in that? This might be your reaction after reading first sentence. But when you will know his background and the way he fought then you will the gravity of his success.
Who is Deepak? He is a boy from Dandekar Pool Slum near S. P. College or you can say near Lokmanya Nagar. He is studied in Marathi medium school in New English School, Tilak Road. Then he done diploma in Civil Engineering and after completing diploma he bagged degree in civil engineering. Though his father is civil contractor he didn’t want to work as civil contractor like his father. He wanted to go beyond that. So he decided and gets admitted in College of Engineering, Pune for Masters of Technology.

He Just completed his course and in campus interview he get selected for Infosys. Currently he is in Infosys, Mysore to get training for his job. After three months training he will return to Pune. Mysore, Banglore, Hyderabad or Pune his destination is not fixed but job in Infosys is confirmed. That’s why his friends and parents are very happy.

His father owns just two rooms in Dandekar Pool slums. His family includes father, mother, grandmother and three sisters. They were living there all together in that two room house only till 2005. In these conditions he studied well and worked hard to get success. He used to go to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha Shakha regularly. R.S. S. was running Study Hall in Lokmanya Nagar during those days. All the students who are from slum and unable study in home were regular members of that study hall. Of course it was not compulsory to attend RSS shakha to get entry in study hall. So there was tremendous response to that study hall. Deepak was regular member of that study hall.

School, then tuitions, RSS shakha and then study hall this was routine of Deepak. This routine helped him a lot. Though he was a slum boy he is well cultured and decent than many more so called cultured and decent peoples. Good friend of us and is now in Infosys. We are proud of you Deepak.

Last week he went to Mysore for training. Some of his close friends were present at Pune station to wish him. His family members were there and joy of satisfaction was there in eyes of everyone. And why not they should be proud of Deepak? He fought against conditions and proved himself.

Hats off to Deepak!!!

(Actually this is a News for Newspapers. But Deepak told me not to publish this story in paper as his superiors are told him about that. No press publicity without prior permission. But i wanted to write somewhere about his achievement. Blog is perfect stage to for that. So i have written on my blog about Deepak and not in Newspaper like Sakal.)